Bespoke Consumer Pulse subscribers received our monthly survey report this morning.  The monthly survey of 1,500 US adults covers a huge range of topics, with detailed looks at sentiment, labor market outcomes, income, consumption spending, and very detailed company-specific questions.  We cover the macro to the micro from every possible angle, then deliver a neatly summarized report loaded with charts and analysis right to your inbox.  The cost for this service is less than $1/day!

This month, the number of hours worked across all industries reported by our respondents reached its second-highest level since our survey started in July of 2014.  That’s in sharp contrast to August, when hours worked were at their second-lowest recorded level.  Without a doubt, seasonal factors come in to play when it comes to hours worked, but the sharp uptick in that measure over the last two months suggests that labor markets are improving incrementally ahead of the October Employment Situation Report and its Nonfarm Payrolls figure tomorrow.

October Pulse 1

As an example of more micro-oriented survey data, below we show regional and income breakouts for the rolling three month visit rate among all respondents.  This shows the average monthly visit rate for the last three months.  As shown, the Golden Arches started seeing a broad improvement across geographies and income groups starting in the three months ending July.  That improvement has continued into the fall, and came well before the announcement of “All Day Breakfast” at the start of September, or its launch in October.

October Pulse 2

If you’re interested in receiving Consumer Pulse there’s more info, a sample, and subscription information over at our sister site, Bespoke Market Intelligence.  Sign up today to access the October report ahead of Friday’s job data!  If you enter “pulse” at checkout you’ll get an additional 10% off.

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