Below are some of our favorite charts published in our research notes and articles over the last week. 

As shown below, if the consumer is so strong, why are consumer stocks falling so far behind the S&P 500 lately?

Fridays are “gold” for the yellow metal!  Over the last 30 years, owning gold only on Fridays has resulted in a gain of 160.9%.  The next closest weekday is Monday with a gain of just 32%.

Are valuations stretched for US stocks?  They appear to be for a few sectors.  Technology is most notable with a P/E ratio that’s currently in the 99th percentile of all readings over the last 10 years.

While valuations in the Tech sector are getting extended, that’s because Tech stocks have been performing so well.  One sector whose stocks haven’t been performing well is Energy, where the average stock is 42% below its 52-week high!  You certainly wouldn’t be “buying high” by entering this space.

As shown below, the list of S&P 1500 stocks farthest below their 52-week highs is littered with Energy names that are down more than 2/3rd from their one-year peaks.

If the stock market seems quiet these days, it’s because we haven’t experienced a significant down day in quite some time.  As shown below, it has now been 33 trading days since we’ve seen just a 0.50%+ gap down at the open of trading for SPY.

When it comes to earnings estimates, note the big divergence lately between small-caps (Russell 2,000) and large-caps (S&P 500):

Monthly housing starts on a regional basis show a weakening Northeast region and a booming South.

After a rough year two, Trump’s market returns during the standard four-year Presidential Election Cycle have come roaring back in year three.  Overall returns for Trump have now doubled the average at this point in the cycle.

Finally, below is a look at the year-to-date performance of the four main “factor” investment styles.  Quality has been, well, quality, as this factor has outperformed value, momentum, and size.  Want to see Bespoke’s most actionable insights in real time?  Start a two-week free trial to Bespoke Premium for immediate access.

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