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J&J offers PhI/IIa data showing its single-dose vaccine can stir up sufficient immune response by Amber Tong (Endpoints News)

The outlook for vaccine coverage got a shot in the arm this week as Johnson & Johnson’s early stage data revealed that a single dose gave 98% of participants neutralizing antibodies 29 days after administering just one dose of vaccine. [Link; soft paywall]

How Italy Snatched Health From the Jaws of Death by Elisabeth Braw (Foreign Policy)

After a horrifying first wave, Italians have avoided seeing a resurgence in COVID infections, unlike many of their European neighbors. [Link]

SARS-CoV-2 Transmission Dynamics Should Inform Policy by Muge Cevik, Julia Marcus, Caroline Buckee, and Tara Smith (SSRN)

A detailed review of possible mitigation strategies based on the results of contract-tracing studies. Lower income and high-occupant households are key to the strategy. [Link]

A Notorious COVID Troll Actually Works for Dr. Fauci’s Agency by Lachlan Markay (Daily Beast)

One of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ PR team has been waging an online disinformation campaign designed to undermine NIAID communications related to COVID. [Link]


Ring’s latest security camera is a drone that flies around inside your house by Dan Seifert (The Verge)

Home surveillance company Ring is rolling out an aerial drone designed to be used inside the home, allowing users to remotely activate and patrol when they’re away. [Link]

Texas Deployed SWAT, Bomb Robot, Small Army of Cops To Arrest A Woman And Her Dog by Seth Harp (The Intercept)

Police shut down an entire bridge because they thought a woman’s car decorations meant she was carrying a bomb. [Link]


Temperature Isn’t a Good Litmus Test for Coronavirus, Doctors Say by Sumathi Reddy (WSJ)

Schools and a variety of other institutions have been using temperature as a proxy for COVID infection, but the loose proxy for infections might be much less useful than widely hoped. [Link; paywall]

New York’s Online Class Sizes Could Reach Nearly 70 Students by Lee Hawkins (WSJ)

With NYC’s in-person reopening of classrooms pushed back, online learning programs may be overwhelmed by students who had planned for in-person learning. [Link; paywall]

Forgone Growth

Citi Pledges to Become Antiracist, Review Internal Policies by Jennifer Surane (Bloomberg)

A new Citigroup report estimates that economic discrimination against Black Americans has cost the US economy $16trn over the last 20 years via lost wages, less education, and less access to loans for business or homeownership. [Link; soft paywall]

Americans Want Homes, but There Have Rarely Been Fewer for Sale by Nicole Friedman (WSJ)

Thanks to both longer-term structural patterns including demographics and the shorter-term drive of lower interest rates and the COVID pandemic, there aren’t many houses available to buy these days. [Link; paywall]


Botswana says toxins in water killed hundreds of elephants by Brian Benza (Reuters)

Bacterial blooms in drinking water that produce toxins that are toxic to animals are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of elephants, a devastating side-effect of climate change for an already stressed population. [Link]

Airbus has revealed three zero-emission plane designs that could become reality in just 15 years — take a look at the hydrogen-powered aircraft of the future by David Slotnick (Business Insider)

Hydrogen powered planes are being touted by Airbus as a potential climate solution, with three concept models in the works and potentially ready within 15 years. [Link]

Sustainability Timeline: Walmart’s Journey to a Better Future (Walmart)

This week Wal-Mart committed to zero emissions by 2040 and reserving 50 million acres of land and 1 million square miles of ocean by 2030. [Link]

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