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Police, Social Order, and Exemplary Violence by Patrick Wyman (Substack)

Historian Patrick Wyman analogizes the current moment of mass protest and social uprising, as well as the police response, to medieval peasant revolts, which featured desires for reform rather than revolution and brutal violent response from the existing power structure. [Link; paywall]

The City That Remade Its Police Department by Sarah Holder (Bloomberg)

Camden, NJ dissolved its police department in 2013 and shifted to a community policing model that increased interactions between police and citizens but made sure they happened more frequently in peaceful and amicable circumstances. [Link; soft paywall]


Alfred Winslow Jones by Abraham Thomas (Thread Reader)

The inventor of the modern hedge fund started his career working on a tramp steamer, worked in the diplomatic corps and saw the rise of the Nazis, and sipped whiskey with Hemmingway during the Spanish Civil War before coming up with the basic strategy which predominates today. [Link]

Ground-Penetrating Radar Reveals Entire Ancient Roman City by George Dvorsky (Gizmodo)

New radar technology has allowed archaeologists to explore the ruins of an ancient Roman settlement north of Rome without any actual digging. [Link]


Identifying airborne transmission as the dominant route for the spread of COVID-19 by Renyi Zhang, Yixin Li, Annie L. Zhang, Yuan Wang, and Mario J. Molina (PNAS)

Using event studies, the authors posit that airborne transmission is by far the most dominant means by which COVID is transmitted, and that mask-wearing is highly effective at reducing transmission both for those who are symptomatic and those who have not yet been infected. [Link]

Exclusive: Bottlenecks? Glass vial makers prepare for COVID-19 vaccine by Ludwig Burger and Matthias Blamount (Reuters)

The German company that is the leading manufacturer of glass vials which store vaccines is reporting huge interest in obtaining product, which may be needed in the billions. [Link]

New Jersey Businesses Defy Lockdown After Murphy Violates Own Order by Elise Young (Bloomberg)

Political opponents of the New Jersey governor and small business owners are mad that he attended a Black Lives Matter protest while the state has not allowed full reopening of businesses. [Link; soft paywall]


Two-husband strategy may be a remedy for China’s one-child policy, professor posits by Ann Fifield (WaPo)

The one child policy both crushed birth rates in China and created a huge imbalance between the number of men and women; one possible solution is polyandry, with multiple husbands per bride. [Link; paywall]

Grants & Loans

Structuring Federal Aid To States As An Automatic (and Autonomous) Stabilizer by Author Williams (Employ America)

An argument that the federal government needs an independent agency to stabilize state government tax receipt declines during recessions, using rules-based grants to prevent large retrenchments in state government employment which extends and exacerbates recessions. [Link]

Is There Really A “Looming Bank Collapse?” by Nathan Tankus (Substack)

A thorough debunking of the silly notion that collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) are about to destroy the financial system. [Link]


97-year-old New Jersey man leaves behind treasure trove of signed baseball cards by Yaron Steinbuch (NYP)

A New Jersey man had collected baseball cards for most of a century before passing recently with millions worth of memorabilia including six different cards signed by Babe Ruth himself. [Link]

Forrest Fenn confirms his treasure has been found by Danielle Prokop (Santa Fe New Mexican)

After hundreds of thousands of seekers failed (including at least five deaths), hidden treasure stashed with a public set of clues by a Santa Fe artifacts dealer has finally been found. Naturally, the result of the hunt are already the subject of multiple pieces of litigation. [Link]


Playing the Market Has a Whole New Meaning by Jason Zweig (WSJ)

With casinos closed and no sports to gamble on, tens of thousands of risk-seekers have turned to the stock market, with some pretty incredible results. [Link]


Budget beer and spiked seltzer dominated during the pandemic by Jordan Valinsky (CNN)

Consumers unable to quaff their thirst at the bar or game turned to hard seltzer and cheaper domestic brand beers during the COVID crisis. [Link]


US Military Could Lose Space Force Trademark to Netflix Series by Jim Johnson (CBR)

The new branch of the military didn’t check for copywrites before rolling out their name, which had already been snagged by a Netflix comedy. [Link]

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