Welcome to Bespoke Brunch Reads — a linkfest of the favorite things we read over the past week. The links are mostly market related, but there are some other interesting subjects covered as well. We hope you enjoy the food for thought as a supplement to the research we provide you during the week.

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Real Estate

Millennials Are Supercharging the Housing Market by Nicole Friedman (WSJ)

A look at the fruits of Millennials’ aging-in to prime homebuying years, a process that many prognosticators had assumed would never happen but is now creating significant stress on housing markets. [Link; paywall]

Almost fell victim to real estate related wire fraud this evening. by ATX RE Podcast (Threadreader)

Wire instructions for a large real estate transaction are a tricky thing, with scammers working hard to get inside the information loop between buyers and their escrow officers. [Link]


Corner Stores Are the New Darlings of the Global Tech Industry by Louise Matsakis (The Atlantic)

The humble bodega or corner store is a massive locus for global commerce, especially outside of the developed world, and that’s led tech companies to focus on them as the way to get further imbedded in commerce. [Link; soft paywall]

Her Instagram Handle Was ‘Metaverse.’ Last Month, It Vanished. by Maddison Connaughton (NYT)

An Australian artist had been using the handle @metaverse for almost a decade, but the corporate rebrand from Facebook led the company to kick her off the site in order to take the handle. [Link; soft paywall]

POTUS Pondering

Jimmy Carter’s exposure to nuclear danger by Arthur Milnes (CNN)

The harrowing story of future President Jimmy Carter’s plunge into the Chalk River, Ontario nuclear reactor in 1952; Carter and his unit were in charge of helping Canada prevent a complete disaster early in the nuclear age. [Link]

How a 100-year-old newspaper became the go-to way to influence Biden by Hailey Fuchs and Max Tani (Politico)

Joe Biden’s hometown newspaper is on the desk of the Oval Office every morning, allowing it to become prime real estate for anyone that has an ad budget and a desire to reach the President’s eyes. [Link]


New Dutch government abandons ‘frugal’ label with big spending plans by Mehreen Khan (FT)

The new coalition government in the Netherlands is pushing the small northern European economy away from the tight budget fiscal approach, with spending including the construction of two new nuclear reactors, free childcare, and higher minimum wages. [Link; paywall]

European investors can access Cathie Wood’s ARK ETFs for first time by Jamie Gordon (ETF Stream)

Exchange-traded products that offer leveraged exposure to ARK Invest products are now available for trading in Europe. [Link]


A QAnon con: How the viral Wayfair sex trafficking lie hurt real kids by Jessica Contrera (WaPo)

The mid-2020 viral obsession with an invented link between Wayfair and sex trafficking not only proved a monumental waste of resources for all involved, it also put children in danger and put actual trafficking victims in peril. [Link; soft paywall]


Will we always need Covid-19 boosters? Experts have theories by Helen Branswell (STAT)

A review of evidence related to the need for repeated vaccine booster doses, with no firm conclusions. It’s certainly possible that three doses will be all most adults need, but there isn’t enough evidence either way to tell at this point. [Link]

Labor Markets

Life after quitting: What happened next to the workers who left their jobs by Heather Long and Maggie Penman (WaPo)

While in aggregate quits are associated with higher wages and more stability, in practice leaving a job isn’t a silver bullet that will solve the challenges of workers. [Link; soft paywall]

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