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The Times They Are A-Changin’

A Decade of Urban Transformation, Seen From Above by Emily Badger and Quoctrung Bui (NYT)

An incredible survey of the changing landscape of America, detailed with breathtaking satellite pictures of towns, cities, and the shifting physical environment of the country. [Link; soft paywall]

New York is losing residents at an alarming rate by Carl Campanile (NY Post)

Annual Census estimates saw New York State’s population fall 0.4% with over 180,000 residents shipping out for other states over the course of the year. [Link]

Market Calls

Dennis Gartman Says Goodbye With One Last Stock Market Warning by Mark Hulbert (Barron’s)

After 30 years of publishing, the widely read Gartman Letter is no more, and its publisher has a parting shot at markets which have defied numerous bearish predictions from Gartman over the years. [Link; paywall]

Almost Everything Wall Street Expects in 2020 by Sam Potter and Jeremy Scott Diamond (Bloomberg)

Your one stop shop for almost everything analysts and strategists are saying about what to expect from the markets and economy in the coming year. [Link; soft paywall]

College Football

Who’s Highest Paid In Your State? by Charlotte Gibson (ESPN)

A rundown of the highest-paid public employees by state, which in most parts of the company is the coach of the college football team at a state college. [Link]

Rise of the inverted Tampa 2: Clemson goes B12 on Ohio State by Ian Boyd (Sports Treatise)

An extremely detailed and well-informed rundown of the critical defensive adjustment that Clemson made at halftime which allowed it to stop the bleeding against Ohio State and ultimately shut down the Buckeyes’ offense in the second half. [Link]


How a Chase Bank Chairman Helped the Deposed Shah of Iran Enter the U.S. by David D. Kirkpatrick (NYT)

Amidst the current international conflict between the Islamic Republic and other regional powers, this critical piece of history deserves attention: an American banker engaged in a plot designed to prevent the re-election of the sitting President by sparking confrontation with Iran. [Link; soft paywall]

Online Flight Tracking Provides A Look At The US Build Up In Middle East Following the Attack on US Embassy In Iraq by Stefano D’Urso and David Cenciotti (The Aviationist)

Using publicly sourced data from flight tracking websites, enthusiasts have been tracking the logistics of US troop deployments into the Middle East and Persian Gulf. [Link]

The Sentence That Enabled Our Endless War Turns 17 Today by Gregory D. Johnsen (Buzzfeed News)

War powers are supposed to be the domain of Congress, but broad language open to interpretation passed by the House and Senate in the wake of the 9/11 attacks have given three administrations basically unconstrained power to wage war without asking for permission from Congress. [Link]


Google AI Beats Doctors at Breast Cancer Detection—Sometimes by Brianna Abbott (WSJ)

While doctors still beat machines in some cases, Google’s health research unit has developed a system that can double-check their work and reduce errors. [Link; paywall]

China pneumonia outbreak raises spectre of SARS as number infected jumps to 44 by Laurie Chen, Christy Leung, Zhuang Pinghui, and Josephine Ma (SCMP)

A rising number of patients in China are exhibiting symptoms of a new viral strain that causes pneumonia and may be fatal. Human-to-human transmissions have not been confirmed so far. [Link]

Personal Essays

I ignored warnings from friends and family not to marry my husband. Was I making a big mistake? by Nancy French (WaPo)

A personal essay that finishes with an incredible twist, sure to get any reader laughing. [Link; soft paywall]

Pokemon Go

How Canada’s military reacted to seeing Pokemon Go players trespassing on its bases by Brett Ruskin (CBC)

Canadian enthusiasts of the Pokemon mobile game accidentally trespassed on military bases in an effort to catch rare finds, per new documents released by the Canadian Armed Forces; a uniquely Canadian military drama. [Link]


Floating Wind Farm Starts Generating Power Off Portugal’s Coast by Will Mathis (Bloomberg)

A new project in the relatively shallow waters off Portugal is a test case for a form of wind power that could be more widely used around the world as countries race to develop zero-carbon electrical generation capacity. [Link; soft paywall]


Violence at Parchman, other Mississippi prisons: What we know by Harold Gater (Clarion Ledger)

Mississippi prisons have entered a prolonged lockdown as a series of inmate deaths caused by understaffing and gang activity prevents the orderly function of a prison system bursting at the seams and under-funded. [Link; soft paywall]

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