Bespoke Investment Group’s daily research for investors is quick-hitting, actionable, and easily digestible.  Bespoke’s unique data points and analysis help investors better visualize underlying market trends to ultimately make more informed investment decisions.

Our daily research consists of a pre-market note, a post-market note, and our Chart of the Day.  These three daily reports are supplemented with additional research pieces covering ETFs and asset allocation trends, global macro analysis, earnings and conference call analysis, market breadth and internals, economic indicator databases, growth and dividend income stock baskets, and unique interactive trading tools.

Daily Research

Our daily research is published and emailed to members every trading day of the year.

Market Outlook

Bespoke takes a “fusion” approach in its research, forming its overall view of the market using inputs from market fundamentals and the economy, market technicals and breadth, historical and seasonality trends, and investor sentiment.  We keep clients informed of our market views through monthly, quarterly, and annual outlook publications in addition to our daily reports.

Stock, ETF, and Asset Allocation Ideas

Clients looking for stock, ETF, and asset allocation ideas can find them throughout Bespoke’s research product:

  • Conference Call Recaps – Throughout earnings season, Bespoke publishes 2-page conference call summaries of the most important companies to report each quarter. These recaps highlight key topics and trends discussed by management on earnings calls and during the analyst Q&A.
  • Bespoke Stock Scores – Our quantitative Stock Scores database covers every company in the S&P 1500 based on proprietary fundamental, technical, and sentiment measures.
  • Bespoke Baskets – Each month, Bespoke provides an updated list of 15 intriguing large-cap Growth stocks and 15 large-cap Dividend Income stocks.
  • The Bespoke 50 – Our Bespoke 50 is a list of 50 stocks in the Russell 3,000 with positive growth and momentum characteristics. This list began in 2012 and is updated weekly.
  • Interactive Tools – Bespoke’s website contains numerous tools to help clients analyze price action, momentum, and much more across 1000s of stocks and ETFs.

Data and Charts

Along with Bespoke’s daily research, clients have access to a unique set of interactive tools for analyzing trends across financial markets.

Bespoke’s suite of research and tools keeps clients fully informed and engaged with financial markets, and it’s consumed in quick and easy fashion, which saves time in a world where every minute counts.  Our research gets published on our website and emailed directly to client inboxes for those that wish to receive our reports via email.

If you would like to give Bespoke a try, sign up here for our Bespoke All Access research service and get a one-month complimentary trial.  You can also reach us at 914-315-1248 if you’d like to schedule a meeting or request more samples.

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