After falling last week down to 32.42%, bullish sentiment as seen through the AAII’s survey of individual investors rebounded right back to where it was a couple of weeks ago with today’s release coming in at 37.3%.  This uptick is not too surprising following the bounce back from the first week of significant declines of 2019.

Bearish sentiment, on the other hand, saw the largest decrease since the first week of February falling to 23.41% from 31.06% last week.  While not falling to new lows—earlier this month, bearish sentiment fell all the way down to 20%—this week’s reading is certainly at the lower end of the range it has been at for most of the past few years. In spite of this, it is not quite reaching extreme levels.

Neutral remains the most popular opinion for the second week in a row.  39.2% of individual investors reported having neutral sentiment this week, up from 36.52% last week.  Neutral sentiment has been relatively elevated since the market staged its recovery from the Q4 2018 sell-off.  For seven weeks in a row now, it has been higher than the historical average.  Since the start of the year, bullish and bearish sentiment, by comparison, has come in higher than average about half that amount; nor have they seen nearly as large of streaks of doing so.

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