Our most recent edition of the monthly Bespoke Consumer Pulse report was published and sent out to clients on Friday.  Each month, this report contains loads of actionable and useful data regarding the overall economy, consumer trends, and investor sentiment.  Yesterday, we discussed investor sentiment from a macro perspective, so today we wanted to shift the focus to a more micro level, namely the Apple Watch.

Has the Apple Watch finally become cool?  Since its release last year, sales of the Apple Watch have been fairly disappointing, with cynics calling it, among other things, dorky and lacking style.  However, our latest proprietary survey shows a steady m/m increase in the percentage of iPhone owners who have purchased or ordered an Apple Watch. Notably, 13.3% of those we surveyed in the 18-24 age group reported having purchased or ordered an Apple Watch, the most of any age group surveyed.  So while we have seen some issues concerning Facebook and younger consumers, the Apple Watch does not seem to be suffering from the same fate.

IPhone I Watch

In another encouraging sign for the Apple Watch, our most recent survey showed that 29.4% of iPhone owners and 18.9% of all consumers had made an effort to learn about the Apple Watch, figures which have nearly doubled since the release of the product.  The rate of iPhone owners aged 18-24 who made an effort to learn about the Apple Watch is at a series high, which bodes well for future purchases as well.

effort to leard about watch

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