AAPL 10% DeclinesTo say that it has been a bad week for Apple (AAPL) would be an understatement.  After a lackluster earnings report, investor Carl Icahn piled on Thursday by saying he no longer owned shares in the company.  Through midday today, the stock is trading down over 12% on the week, making it the worst week for the stock since January 2013.  Additionally, if AAPL closes below $92.98 it will be the worst week for the stock since October 2008!

In the table to the right, we have listed every week since 2000 that AAPL declined more than 10%.  For each of the prior 21 occurrences, we have also included the stock’s performance in the following week.  In that period, AAPL has averaged a decline of 1.42% (median: -0.52%) with positive returns just 43% of the time.  For the sake of comparison, in all weeks since 2000, its average change has been a gain of 0.55%.


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