Each month, Bespoke runs a survey of 1,500 US consumers balanced to census.  In the survey, we cover everything you can think of regarding the economy, personal finances, and consumer spending habits.  We’ve now been running the monthly survey for more than two years, so we have historical trend data that is extremely valuable, and it only gets more valuable as time passes.  All of this data gets packaged into our monthly Bespoke Consumer Pulse Report, which is included as part of our Pulse subscription package that is available for either $39/month or $365/year.  We highly recommend trying out the service, as it includes access to model portfolios and additional consumer reports as well.  If you’re not yet a Pulse member, click here to start a 30-day free trial now!

Below are the results of a question we ask consumers regarding online retailer purchases during the past month.  Overall, the competition in the space has remained consistent throughout our survey series as Amazon (AMZN) keeps the top spot followed by eBay (EBAY) and Groupon (GRPN).  Interestingly, while the percentage of consumers making purchases at many of the retailers we survey has stayed constant throughout this series, only Amazon and Etsy (ETSY) have seen growth when it comes to this metric.  Also, this month we saw the beginnings of the seasonal uptick for purchased items as all retailers saw increases except for Groupon (GRPN), which fell slightly.

The most amazing part about this data series is that a whopping 58.9% of survey participants said they purchased an item on Amazon.com over the past month.  For a survey that’s balanced to US census population figures, this shows just how big the Amazon presence is when it comes to shopping in 2016.  More than half the country is now using Amazon to buy goods on a regular basis!

Our full November Pulse report has additional research on online retailers, and it also has data on groups like consumer electronics (AAPL, MSFT, etc.), social media (FB, TWTR, LNKD), streaming media (NFLX, AMZN), and much more.  If you’re not yet a Pulse member and want to see the full report, click here to start a 30-day free trial now!

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