(AMZN) went on quite a run in 2015, but even the best marathon runners get tired eventually.  Every single day over the last 254 trading days going back more than a year to January 29th, 2015, AMZN has closed above its 200-day moving average.  That streak came to an end today with a break and close below the 200-day.  Since its peak on December 29th, the stock is now down more than 23%.

amzn price

The chart above highlights AMZN breaks below its 200-day moving average after closing above its 200-day over the prior 200+ trading days.  The chart below shows streaks of consecutive trading days closing above the 200-day.  Since the stock went public in the late 1990s, AMZN has actually had 7 prior streaks of 200+ trading days above its 200-day.  The longest streak was actually early on in its life as a public company from early 1998 through mid-1999 when it went 324 trading days without closing below its 200-day.  The last streak prior to the current one was 228 trading days from mid-2013 through March 2014.

amzn streak

Below is a table showing the performance of in the week, month and three months after the 200-day has been broken following streaks of 200+ days above.  The stock did very poorly following the last occurrence, but five out of seven times, the stock was up in the week and three months after the break.

amzn break table

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