The S&P 500 finished up 0.84% on Monday and the index had mega-cap stocks to thank for its gains as the majority of stocks in the S&P 500 actually finished the day lower.  In fact, Amazon (AMZN) was the best performing stock in the S&P 500 having its best day since 12/26/18 rallying just under 8%.  That gain alone was responsible for nearly 40 basis points of the S&P’s 84 bps gain.  That means Amazon accounted for just under half of the S&P 500’s gains today. That compares to the rest of the trillion-dollar club—Microsoft (MSFT), Apple (AAPL), and Alphabet (GOOG)—which added a collective 45.81 bps to the S&P 500. Again that is an impressive contribution when compared to the other 174 stocks that rose today, which collectively only added 53.13 bps. The remaining stocks dragged on the index by 54.45 bps. The stocks that dragged the index down the most included energy names like Exxon Mobil (XOM) and Chevron (CVX), Medtronic (MDT), Philip Morris (PM), and Coca Cola (KO). In other words, big days for the largest stocks helped to dramatically boost performance masking what was overall mediocre day for most stocks.  Click here to view Bespoke’s premium membership options for our best research available.

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