Yesterday, Alphabet (formerly Google) surpassed Apple (AAPL) as the largest company in the world.  With the change at the top, below is an updated look at the 35 largest company in the S&P 500 as of this morning before the open.

For each stock below, we show its sector, its year-to-date change, its current market cap, and its market cap one year ago and 10 years ago.

As shown, the four largest companies in the S&P 500 are now all Technology companies.  Facebook’s (FB) recent jump on earnings pushed it solidly ahead of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK/B) and Exxon Mobil (XOM) into fourth place.

While Tech rules the top four, companies five through nine are all from different sectors of the market.  And within the 12 largest companies in the index, 8 of 10 sectors are represented (Materials and Utilities aren’t).

Compared to one year ago at this time, things look very different at the top.  At that time, Apple was the largest company in the index by nearly double the next largest, which was Exxon Mobil.

Ten years ago, Exxon was the largest company while General Electric was the second largest.  Facebook wasn’t even a public company yet, while Apple was just a $60 billion company with the bulk of its revenues coming from the iPod.  The iPhone was still in its developmental phase and wouldn’t be released until 16 months later in June 2007.  Of the 35 largest companies today, (AMZN) was the smallest public company ten years ago with a market cap of just $15 billion.

So what does this list tell you?  It tells you that things can change very quickly in just one year, and ten years from now, while most of the blue chips will be sticking around near the top, there will no doubt be a few new names on the list that have developed revolutionary products or services that aren’t even in existence yet.


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