The S&P 500’s A/D line for the day (number of advancing stocks minus number of declining stocks) currently stands at about -460, which would be the weakest one-day reading since June.  Today’s A/D reading also is notable in that it represents the tenth ‘all or nothing’ day for the S&P 500 since the index’s last peak on 9/2.  We consider ‘all or nothing’ days to be those days where the S&P 500’s daily A/D reading is either above +400 or below -400.  To put the frequency of ‘all or nothing’ days into perspective, while there have been ten in the last forty trading days, in the forty trading days before that there weren’t any.

The chart below shows the percentage of ‘all or nothing’ days on a 50-day rolling basis. The current pace of 20% is still well off the extraordinary level of 44% we saw back in late April/early May, but it is still relatively high.

Including today, there have now been 41 ‘all or nothing’ days so far in 2020.  If the current pace for the entire year keeps up that will put us on pace for fifty days this year.  If the current pace keeps up and we do reach 50 ‘all or nothing’ days this year, it will be the third-highest annual total behind 2011 (70) and 2008 (52), but even if there isn’t another ‘all or nothing’ day this year, 2020 would still rank fifth behind the years from 2008 through 2011.  Like what you see? Click here for instant access to our research and interactive tools.

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