Yesterday, the BLS released June data on job openings and labor turnover, also known as the JOLTS report. This alternative view of labor markets is released at a one month lag to the monthly employment situation report which includes the nonfarm payrolls number. In additional to openings, JOLTS also includes a look at quits and other separations from businesses which include retirements, firings, and other departures. Since the data begins in 2000, the average month has seen quits account for about 55% of total separations. Over the last three months, that number has surged to nearly 70% and is sitting at a record level. One thing we can say with great confidence about the current labor market: lots of workers are quitting for greener pastures.  Click here to view Bespoke’s premium membership options.

Chart sources: BLS, FRED, Bespoke Investment Group calculations

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