Amazon (AMZN) is currently trading down 6% after reporting earnings yesterday evening.  While it may seem like a rare move lower for Amazon (AMZN), the fact is that big moves lower on earnings are nothing new for this mega-cap online retail/Tech company.  From our Earnings Explorer tool, below is a snapshot of all instances in which AMZN shares opened lower by 5% or more following a quarterly earnings report.  Today was the 27th time the stock has experienced a big selloff like this on earnings out of 75 quarterly reports since 2001.  That’s 36% of AMZN’s quarterly reports!  For some perspective, even though the stock has opened down 5%+ on more than a third of its quarterly releases since 2001, it’s up 25,000% over this entire time period.  Start a two-week free trial to Bespoke Institutional to access our Earnings Explorer tool and all of our equity market research.

Since its IPO in 1997, Amazon (AMZN) shares are up 180,000%.  Thinking back to its early days as a public company during the Dot Com bubble, AMZN was one of those high-flying Internet stocks of the late 90s that experienced remarkable moves higher on a daily basis.  Below is a chart of AMZN during the Dot Com bubble and burst showing a 7,000% rally at its peak in 1999 before giving up nearly all of those gains in a couple of years by 2001.

Amazingly, the Dot Com bubble that was so frothy at the time now barely registers on the chart of Amazon’s performance since its IPO in 1997.  What a remarkable run it has been.

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