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The S&P 500 has been open on 1,259 trading days over the last five years, and the index has averaged a change of +0.038% on these days.  Below is an updated look at the S&P 500’s average change by weekday over this time period.  As shown, four days of the week have seen the market average gains, while one day of the week has averaged a decline — Monday.  Over the last five years, the S&P has averaged a decline of 0.07% on Mondays with positive returns just 48.9% of the time.  After Mondays, though, things turn higher.  Tuesday has been the best day of the trading week with a gain of 0.14%.  Thursday has been the second best at +0.06%, followed by Friday at +0.05%.  Wednesdays have basically been a wash.


odds up

The S&P 500 is up 52% over the last five years, which we chart below.  But we’ve also included the S&P’s performance if you take out Mondays.  That means you buy at the close on Monday and sell at the close on Friday.  If you remove Mondays from the mix, you’d be up 82.3% over the last five years.  Be sure to use this analysis the next time you ask for a 3-day weekend!



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