Investors like to track the number of new 52-week highs in the S&P 500 (or any index for that matter) to measure underlying breadth of the index.  With the S&P making another new all-time high today, we looked to see how many individual stocks in the index also made new all-time highs today.  In total there were 36, or 7.2% of the index.

Below is a list of the 36 stocks that made new all-time highs today sorted by sector.  Some of the key names on the list include Home Depot (HD), Netflix (NFLX), Costco (COST), Altria (MO), JP Morgan (JPM), Deere (DE), Dow Chemical (DOW), Adobe (ADBE), and even eBay (EBAY).  Talk about a diversified basket of names.

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The Industrials sector saw the highest percentage of new all-time highs today at 17.4%, followed by Financials at 15.9%.  No stocks in the Energy, Health Care, Real Estate, or Telecom sectors made new all-time highs today.


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