It’s been a rough go of it for the Nasdaq 100 over the last few quarters.  While the index is “off the lows”, it’s still down 14% from its recent highs.  Loaded with tech names and stocks with high upside momentum, a few names had helped the index hold up a bit better than others- until recently.  But internals look a lot worse than headline results.  As we show below, the 30 stocks in the index furthest from their three-year highs are down an average of 47%, and on average peaked in the first week of 2015.  We’ve also included annualized declines from highs.  For some, the drop has been extremely sharp. INCY may be down about the same amount from recent highs as NTAP, but it’s happened much quicker, more than twice as fast on an annualized basis.

021216 3y Highs

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