There are now 11,268 analyst recommendations for S&P 500 stocks.  For those keeping track, that’s 22.5 analyst ratings per stock!  Surprisingly, that’s actually down a bit from last year at this time when there were 23.7 analyst ratings per stock.  Of the 11,268 analyst ratings, 5,492 are Buy ratings, 5,099 are Hold ratings, and just 677 are Sell ratings.  Yep, analysts are and always have been a bullish bunch.


We’re currently working on a longer piece for paid members that looks at the most loved and hated sectors and individual stocks.  Below is another chart from the piece that shows the number of analyst ratings per stock by sector.  As shown, Energy stocks are actually the most widely covered at the moment, with 31.2 analyst ratings per stock.  Technology ranks second at 27.3, followed by Telecom at 25.4 and Consumer Discretionary at 23.9.  Utilities, Materials, and Industrials stocks are the least covered in the S&P 500.



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