Our Bespoke Report – 2023 Outlook will soon be available for Bespoke subscribers.  This report covers everything you need to know about the set-up for financial markets and the economy heading into 2023.  If there’s ever a “must-read” Bespoke report, this is it!

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In the introductory section of our annual outlook report, we provide an in-depth breakdown of this year’s market action.  Below is a snapshot of the S&P 500’s path throughout 2022.  We’ll be expanding further on this chart in the full report, but this is a helpful reminder of how we got to where we are now since trading for the year began on January 3rd

With just ten trading days left in the year, the S&P is down 18.2% year-to-date, which is tracking for the worst year since the Financial Crisis in 2008.  As shown below, we’ve seen huge monthly volatility throughout the year within an overall downtrend.  If December’s declines hold, we’ll have seen a move of 3% or more in either direction in eleven of twelve months this year.  September has (so far) been the worst month with a decline of 9.3%, while July was the best month with a gain of 9.1%.  In terms of weekday performance, Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays have averaged declines this year, while Tuesdays and Wednesdays have averaged small gains.

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