Our 2019 Bespoke Report market outlook is the most important piece of research that Bespoke publishes each year.  We’ve been publishing our annual outlook piece since the formation of Bespoke in 2007, and it gets better and better each year!  In this year’s edition, we’ll be covering every important topic you can think of dealing with financial markets as we enter 2019.

The 2019 Bespoke Report contains sections like Washington and Markets, Economic Cycles, Market Cycles, The Fed, Sector Technicals and Weightings, Stock Market Sentiment, Stock Market Seasonality, Housing, Commodities, and more.  We’ll also be publishing a list of our favorite stocks and asset classes for 2019 and beyond.

We’ll be releasing individual sections of the report to subscribers until the full publication is completed by year-end.  Today we have published the “Analyst Ratings” section of the 2019 Bespoke Report, which looks at the percentage of buy, sell, and hold ratings from Wall Street analysts and how they have changed over the last year.  We also provide lists of the most and least loved stocks by analysts, and which stocks analysts have gotten the most bullish or bearish on this year.

To view this section immediately and all other sections as they’re published between now and December 21st, sign up for our 2019 Annual Outlook Special!

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