Below is an updated look at year-to-date stock market returns (in local currency) for 75 countries around the world.  2018 has turned into a red year for equities as the average country is now down 3.75% YTD.  Just 20 countries (26.7%) are in the green for the year, while 55 are in the red.

As shown, Ukraine ranks first with a gain of 83.46% (remember these returns are in local currency), followed by Jamaica (+32.6%), Qatar (+21.2%), and Brazil (+16.59%).  Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Romania are the only other countries up 10%+ on the year.

Of the G7 countries, the US ranks first with a minuscule gain of 1.82%.  The US is also the only G7 country in positive territory for the year.  Japan ranks 2nd best with a YTD decline of 2.58%, followed by France at -6.2%, Canada at -6.85%, and Britain at -8.89%.  Italy and Germany rank at the bottom of the G7 with double-digit percentage declines of 12.5%.

Of the “BRICs”, Brazil ranks first with a gain of 16.49%, followed by India at +4.87%.  Russia is down 3.55%, while China is down 21.33%.  China is actually the 3rd worst out of the entire list of 75 countries, and one of just four countries down 20%+.  Only Kenya and Greece have done worse this year.

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