Below is a look at the performance of 76 country stock markets around the world in the first half of 2017.  Returns are in local currency.  The average first-half percentage change for all 76 countries was 7.84%, and 84% of countries were in the green.

As shown, Latvia takes first place in the first half with a gain of 32.22%, followed by Argentina (29.52%), Turkey (28.54%), and Greece (27.98%).  The United States was the top performing G7 country in the first half with a gain of 8.24%, followed by Germany , Italy, France, and Japan.  Canada was the worst G7 country with a decline of 0.69%.

Of the 4 BRICs, India was up the most with a gain of 16.13%.  Russia was the only BRIC in the red with a decline of 13.14%.

Russia was the second worst stock market in the first half behind only Qatar, which fell 13.47%.

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