The S&P 500 SPY ETF finished June down 2.49%, leaving it down 0.26% in the second quarter but still up 0.17% on the year.  Below we highlight performance numbers (June, Q2 and YTD) for various asset classes using key ETFs that we track daily in our ETF Trends report (available to Premium and Institutional subscribers).

The Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) actually did worse than SPY and DIA in June, but it was up 1.39% in Q2 and remains up 3.7% YTD.  Small and mid-caps are both outperforming large caps for the year as well.  The Russell 2,000 (IWM) ETF finished June up 0.77% and is up 4.36% on the year.

Growth is far outperforming value this year, with the Smallcap Growth (IJT) up 7.03% YTD vs. a decline of 0.15% for Smallcap Value (IJS).  Looking at sectors, Consumer Discretionary (XLY) was the only of the ten up on the month.  Sectors like Utilities (XLU), Energy (XLE), Materials (XLB) and Technology (XLK) all finished the month down more than 4%.  For the year, only two sectors — Consumer Discretionary (XLY) and Health Care (XLV) — have posted meaningful gains.

The month of June was rough on international markets as well.  We saw declines pretty much across the board for country ETFs (top right of matrix), with most posting losses of 4-5%.  The declines weren’t enough to erase YTD gains, though.  Countries like Japan (EWJ), Russia (RSX), Hong Kong (EWH) and Italy (EWI) are all up 9%+ on the year.

Performance numbers for commodity ETFs were scattered in June, with natural gas (UNG) up nicely, but oil (USO), gold (GLD) and silver (SLV) all in the red.  The oil ETF (USO) ended the second quarter up 18%, but it’s still down 2%+ on the year.

Finally, fixed income ETFs were all in the red in June and in Q2, with the TLT (long-term Treasuries) down more than 10% during the quarter.  For the year, TLT is down 6.66%.

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