Below is a look at the YTD performance through July for the main stock market indices of 74 countries around the world.  The average YTD change for the countries listed below is 6.75%.  Hungary and Denmark have posted the strongest gains at 35%+.  Italy is up the most of the G7 countries with a gain of 23.8%, followed by France (18.95%) and Japan (17.96%).  The U.S., Britain and Canada have performed the worst of the G7 in 2015.  Both the U.S. and Britain have posted marginal gains, while Canada is one of the few countries that’s in the red.

Looking at the BRICs, you may find it hard to believe given its recent crash that China is up the most with a YTD gain of 13%.  Russia is up 8.6%, while India and Brazil are up roughly 2%.

On the downside, Kenya, Colombia and Nigeria are down the most with losses of 13%.  Overall, performance across the globe has been strong when looking at full-year returns, even though we’ve seen a lot of weakness recently.  We’ll post these results again at the end of the third quarter to see where things stand heading into the final three months of the year.

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