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Below is a look at the 2015 year-to-date % change (local currency) for 76 country stock markets around the world.  So far this year, the average country is up 0.96%, although just 33 countries are up while 43 are down.  Jamaica is up the most with a gain of 92.62%, which is more than double the gain of Latvia in second place.  Italy has been the top performing G7 country with a gain of 13.32%, followed by Germany at 10.28% and France at 9.51%.  Canada is the worst performing G7 country with a decline of 9.61%, and the UK is also in the red for the year at -4.25%.  The US is marginally higher for the year at +0.76%.

Of the BRIC countries, China is the only one in the green with a gain of 10.17%.  Russia is down 2.66%, India is down 5.16%, and Brazil is down 12.31%.

22 of the 76 countries highlighted are down more than 10% on the year, while 18 are up more than 10%.  Peru and Ukraine are down the most at more than 30%.  Overall, there has been quite a bit of performance divergence among country stock markets in 2015.


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