After seeing the total market cap for the Russell 1,000 fall by $10.9 trillion in 2022, we’ve seen a rebound of $2.9 trillion in market cap so far in 2023.  Below is a look at the total change in market cap by sector across the Russell 1,000 so far in 2023 and for all of 2022.  The Tech sector saw its market cap fall $4.35 trillion last year, and it has seen its market cap rise by $1.176 trillion to start 2023.  Consumer Discretionary’s market cap has risen by $701 billion, followed by Communication Services at $516.9 billion and Financials at $373 billion.

Four sectors have actually seen their market caps fall this year.  Health Care’s market cap has fallen the most at -$141 billion, while Energy has fallen $57 billion, Consumer Staples has declined $32.2 billion, and Utilities has fallen $29.9 billion.

Below is a look at the biggest gainers in market cap so far this year at the individual stock level.  Seven stocks have already gained more than $100 billion in market cap this year.  Apple (AAPL) has jumped the most at $333.7 billion, followed by Tesla (TSLA) at +$227 billion, Amazon (AMZN) at +$190 billion, Alphabet (GOOGL) at +$176 billion, and Meta (META) at +$166.8 billion.

While the seven biggest gainers to start 2023 have added a combined $1.377 trillion in market cap, they lost a combined $4.86 trillion in market cap in 2022. Click here to start a two-week trial to Bespoke Premium.

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