For the third time in less than 100 days, the DJIA is on pace to surpass a new 1,000 point milestone for the first time.  Today, it looks like 21,000 will go down just 35 calendar days after first closing above 20,000.  If the current levels hold, it will be tied for the quickest run to a new thousand-point threshold after first surpassing the prior one.  Back in 1999, the DJIA took down 11,000 just 35 days after first surpassing 10,000 for the first time.  Given that 1,000 points is a much smaller percentage of 21,000 (4.8%) than it is of 11,000 (9.1%), the current run isn’t nearly as impressive as the 35-day run in 1999, but the bulls will take it.


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