Bespokecast Episode 21 – Jill Carlson & Dan Ciotoli

In this episode of Bespokecast, we have two guests. Jill Carlson (@_jillruth and is an independent blockchain analyst and developer, with experience trading, academically researching, and building crypo products. She’s a former bond trader with a nuanced and practical view of the space but an optimistic outlook for the implications and possible deployments of blockchain tech. Dan Ciotoli is Bespoke’s crypto analyst. You can see his work on @bespokecrpyto. Dan has an undergraduate degree in computer science and is hugely enthusiastic about the crypto space, while retaining a healthy dose of skepticism about the current market. We managed to make it most of the way through our discussion without discussing price action; instead, we focused on the underlying technology and philosophy of crypto products and the blockchain, discussing both what it does well and misapplications. If you’re not at least generally familiar with what blockchain and crypto are, we strongly recommend our Bespoke Brief on the subject, which you can read here.