Bespokecast Episode 15 – Karthik Sankaran

In our newest conversation on Bespokecast, we sit down with Karthik Sankaran of Eurasia Group. Karthik is Director of Global Strategy for Eurasia Group, a role that requires him to integrate global economics, financial markets, and politics. His understanding of history, theory, and practice of the different disciplines he uses gives a fascinating perspective on current events and what happens next. In our conversation, we discuss his career path, global financial imbalances (and their political roots), the Eurozone’s “immune system”, Angloskpeticism, where to get the best Chinese food in New York City, and what it’s like to speak five languages in a world increasingly concentrated on English. We hope you enjoy the conversation! You can catch more of Karthik’s thoughts on Twitter here. Please note that not all podcasting services pick up our episodes right away, so there may be a small delay between when you read this and when the podcast hits your feed. You can listen to the current episode immediately by clicking the button below.