Model Stock Portfolio

modelstock thumbThe Bespoke Model Stock Portfolio is a diversified group of recommended long-term holdings that are carefully chosen using our proprietary research methods, including technical, fundamental and seasonal data points.  You can see a layout of how the Model Stock Portfolio is presented by clicking on the thumbnail image at right.  As you’ll see, for each stock in the portfolio, we provide its weighting, gain/loss since entering the portfolio, and a stop price that is meant to limit downside losses.

The portfolio is set up like an actual portfolio, with cash levels fluctuating as positions are added or subtracted.  Our cash level in the portfolio should be used as a guide for our overall view on the stock market at any given time.

As mentioned above, the Bespoke Model Stock Portfolio contains positions that are more long-term in nature.  Investors looking for short-term trade ideas can use a number of other reports included in the Bespoke Premium service, including our Trade of the Day and B.I.G. Tips reports.

The Model Stock Portfolio is updated on an ad hoc basis whenever positions are added or sold. The performance of the Model Stock Portfolio is published at the end of our weekly Bespoke Report newsletter as well.  Bespoke Newsletter, Bespoke Premium and Bespoke Institutional members all have access to the portfolio.

As always, past performance is not a predictor of forward results.