Model ETF Portfolio

modeletf thumbThe Bespoke Model ETF Portfolio contains a basket of ETFs across all asset classes, acting as a diversified asset allocation model that is re-balanced on a quarterly basis so that recommended weightings are achieved at all times.  The Model ETF Portfolio is used as a guide for members looking for a hands-off approach to investing without the company specific risk that comes with owning individual stocks.

In the investing world today, there are ETFs that allow investors to gain exposure to all asset classes, including domestic and international equity markets, commodities, real estate, fixed income and currencies.  Using our research models, we formulate weightings into each of these assets and rebalance regularly to keep the weightings inline.  Asset allocation and regular portfolio re-balancing are important ingredients to achieving consistent long-term returns, and clients get just that with this portfolio.  For a long-term investor looking for strategic diversification and low turnover, our Model ETF Portfolio is worth following.

The Bespoke Model ETF Portfolio is updated and re-balanced on a quarterly basis, and it is available to Bespoke Newsletter, Bespoke Premium and Bespoke Institutional members.  Click on the image above to see a snapshot of how the portfolio is viewed by Bespoke subscribers.