Turning Information Into Wealth.


Bespoke is a British term for tailored clothing made at a customer's behest.  Bespoke clothing is "created without use of a pre-existing pattern, differentiating it from made to measure, which alters a standard-sized pattern to fit the customer."

Bespoke Investment Group applies this same "tailored" concept to individually managed accounts by starting with YOU.  We first focus on your objectives and goals and then apply our research expertise to create a portfolio that matches your investment style.

As financial markets become increasingly volatile, the need for investment solutions based on sound principles becomes ever more important.  In today's fast-paced information overload world, few individuals have the time or resources necessary to effectively manage their investments - whether it involves analyzing the global macro economic landscape, researching investments, or reviewing corporate earnings and events.   At Bespoke, we leverage our expertise and network of resources to achieve successful results based on research, experience, and most importantly, good old fashioned hard work.

Once your investment objectives are determined, your portfolio is invested using our three-tiered process.  Each tier is researched rigorously using our proprietary decision factors.   Based on the current measurements of these criteria, we are able to effectively manage your portfolio.

By understanding your investment needs and objectives and applying our superior analysis, our aim at Bespoke is to provide consistent long term results while managing risk.

If you would like to request a more in-depth research package on our money management services, please call 914-315-1248 or click here to email us.

Bespoke's All-ETF Asset Allocation Strategy
Along with our equity-based managed portfolios, we also offer an all-ETF strategy that provides diversification across all asset classes. Asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing are the most important ingredients to achieving consistent long-term returns. Exchange traded funds now allow individual investors to invest in many assets that were once only available to large institutions and endowments. Clients that choose our all-ETF style will be invested in both domestic and international equities, emerging markets, fixed income, commodities, currencies and real estate. Based on our research models, we formulate weightings into each of these assets and rebalance regularly to keep the weightings inline. For a long-term investor looking for strategic diversification, the Bespoke all-ETF money management style is right for you. Please call 914-315-1248 or click here to email us and learn how you can invest with Bespoke today.