International Revenues Database

While not closely followed, a company’s geographic revenue exposure can have a big impact on its stock price movement.  US companies that generate a large portion of their revenues in Europe or Asia are impacted significantly by the economic cycles of these two regions, while companies that generate all or most of their revenues inside the US move more in-line with the domestic economy.  In recent years, when the US lagged behind the rest of the world in terms of economic growth, the companies with heavy international revenue exposure significantly outperformed the companies with mostly domestic exposure.  Conversely, when the US has outperformed Europe and Asia, the domestic companies have routinely outperformed.  Movements in the dollar also impact companies based on their geographic revenue exposure.  Companies with heavy international exposure stand to benefit from a falling dollar, while domestic companies do better when the dollar is strong.

To invest using these global trends, you obviously need to know which companies are exposed the most to international and domestic revenue streams.  Our Interactive International Revenues Database has this important data for all of the stocks in the S&P 500 and Russell 1,000.  There’s simply no better place to find this geographic revenue breakdown.

Our Interactive International Revenues Database is available online with easy filter and search features.  This database is available to Bespoke Premium and Bespoke Institutional members.  Please call 914-315-1248 to learn more about this database and see a sample of how it works.  To purchase, start a 30-day trial to Bespoke Institutional or Bespoke Premium today!