Fixed Income Weekly

bigtipsthumbToday’s financial markets are becoming increasingly integrated, brought together by financial innovations, multi-asset class investing and expanding global trade.  Having a view on multiple asset classes and seeing how they relate to each other is critical for successful investing as an individual or an institution.  With that in mind, Bespoke publishes the Fixed Income Weekly every Wednesday.  This comprehensive report is intended to provide background on fixed income market developments for investors who generally focus on equity markets.  You don’t have to be a bond investor to gain insight from the path of interest rates, credit spreads, yield curves, and the opportunities for investing in fixed income products via ETFs or REITs.  The Fixed Income Weekly is a great way to get caught up on these areas and many others related to bond markets and interest rate trading.

The report starts with a one-page commentary on recent developments in fixed income.  This update will give you unique and timely insights into changes in markets that can have a big impact on the stock market, and will keep you up to date with observations, actionable outlooks, and high level views of recent activity in the bond trade.  On page 2, we give a succinct update on Treasury market interest rates and the recent price action in bond future trading pits, as well as a yearly trend in national mortgage rates.  Page 3 is an update on actionable fixed income markets: money market fund interest rate changes, fixed income ETF performance, and a weekly trade idea focused on the fixed income markets.  On page 4, we chart key fixed income benchmark yield curves, and also provide updates to our proprietary Bespoke Global Yield Curve.  Finally, page 5 gives an update on Treasury yield curve changes, spreads between major benchmarks and Treasuries, and annual total return profiles for major fixed income asset classes.

If you’re interested in the world of fixed income but don’t have time for highly technical research that requires a large knowledge base, the Fixed Income Weekly is all you need to stay in the loop.

Our Fixed Income Weekly is only included with Bespoke Institutional memberships.  To view a sample Fixed Income Weekly report, please click on the thumbnail image above.