The Bespoke Market Calendar 2014/2015

If it feels like 2014 just began, you’re not alone.  There’s still time to finish the year on a strong note, however, with a membership to one of Bespoke’s renowned subscription offerings.  And now, with the purchase of an annual Premium or Institutional subscription, we’ll send you a free copy of our 2014/2015 Bespoke Market Calendar!

The Bespoke Market Calendar is an annual look back at the year that was and a look forward to the year ahead.  For each trading day of 2014, we provide the S&P 500’s daily percentage change along with an intraday chart of the index.  We also provide news headlines for each day so you can see what was impacting markets and the world at large as the year progressed.  Remembering past events allows you to gain perspective on the future, and looking back to what moved markets as events progressed in 2014 should provide you with solid reference points for the years ahead.

We also provide a look forward to 2015 by highlighting the S&P 500’s average performance on each trading day of the year over the last 30 years.  Each trading day has an intraday composite chart of the S&P 500 that shows the average performance on that specific day over the last three decades.  By no means are these composite daily charts meant to predict how the market will trade on days in 2015, but they do at least give you a sense of how the market has traded on various days throughout history.  Key economic indicators for 2015 are also included, along with market holidays and options expirations dates.  If you keep this calendar close at hand, you won’t miss a beat!

Please click the image below for a look at the layout of the Bespoke Market Calendar.  With your new annual subscription, we’ll send you a hard copy of the full calendar for you to keep close at hand.  (Note: Please call us at 914-315-1248 if you’d like to purchase the calendar on its own or if you’d like to learn about white labeling the calendar to send to your own clients.)

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As always, the first five days are on us so that you can try out the service free of charge!

Happy Holidays from Bespoke!

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