ETF Trends

etftrends thumbOur daily ETF Trends report provides both traders and long-term investors alike with a unique tool to quickly identify which areas of the market are attractive and which ones to stay away from.  A different set of ETFs is published each day of the week to cover indices, sectors, groups, styles, commodities, currencies, fixed income, and international markets.

See Samples of Our Daily Rotation of Five ETF Trends Reports: Indices and Styles, Sectors and Groups, Fixed Income, International, Hedges

Using a proprietary trend and timing score, we code each ETF based on its current trading pattern.  Long-term investors can use this tool to determine when to enter or exit a position, and active traders can use it to identify potential trade setups.  We also provide our proprietary “trading range” screen for each ETF to better analyze overbought/oversold levels.  The report is an easy way to stay on top of the multitude of ETFs offered today.

Our daily ETF Trends report is available to Bespoke Premium and Bespoke Institutional subscribers.  Click on the thumbnail image above to view a sample of this report.