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Chart of the Day 2/24/15: Moving and Shaking

The IPO market has completely stalled out over the last 12 months, but one recent IPO whose stock price has had its fair share of struggles looks like it might be turning a corner. We cover the name in today’s Bespoke Chart of the Day.

Chart of the Day

Chart of the Day 2/23/15: Home Prices in Four Cities At All-Time Highs

We look at four cities that have now eclipsed their prior housing bubble highs in prices. See which cities made the cut along with which cities still have a long way to go to get back to prior home price levels.

Chart of the Day


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Chart of the Day 2/22/15: Low Volume Options Expiration

On options expiration last Friday, a day when trading activity is typically above average, volume in the S&P 500 tracking ETF (SPY) came in nearly 30% below its 50-day moving average. In this Chart of the Day, we look at where the weaker than average volume ranks relative to prior options expirations days, as well as how the S&P 500 performed following similar days.

Chart of the Day

Chart of the Day 2/19/15: Amazon Flows South

Momentum stocks have been hit hard lately after a number of stellar runs. Amazon (AMZN) is no exception. In this Chart of the Day, we take a look at the stock’s technicals for insight into whether that move down off all-time highs is coming to an end.

Chart of the Day