Bespoke Stock Scores

stockscores thumbOur weekly Bespoke Stock Scores database is a proprietary ranking system for all of the stocks in the S&P 1,500.  Our ranking system uses a “fusion” approach by combining three important research methods – fundamental, technical, and sentiment.  By entering a stock’s ticker symbol in our interactive spreadsheet, subscribers can instantly see Bespoke’s overall ranking for the name as well as its ranking within each of the three categories mentioned above.

Our Bespoke Stock Scores database of the entire S&P 1,500 is available in Microsoft Excel and CSV formats, and subscribers can use it to easily pull up the top rated stocks within each of the ten market sectors. We also highlight a list of the top 40 rated stocks in the S&P 1,500 when we release updates to the database each and every Tuesday after the close.  The Bespoke Stock Scores database is available to all Bespoke Premium and Bespoke Institutional subscribers.  Click on the thumbnail image above to view a sample of the Excel file you’ll receive each week with our Stock Score ratings.