The Bespoke Model Portfolio has been around since just after Bespoke started with an inception date in May 2007.  The Portfolio represents a basket of our favorite long-term growth stocks, although we sometimes include an ETF if we have conviction on a certain asset class or area of the global equity market.  We provide downside stop limits for each position that we enter.  If a trade works against us and it hits our stop, we exit, no questions asked.  We let our winners run, and we increase our stops along the way in most instances.

The Portfolio also keeps a percentage in cash, which we raise and lower based on our overall view of the equity market.  If we turn bearish from a top-down perspective, we do not hesitate to raise our cash above the 50% mark.  In what we consider a “normal” market environment that is trending higher, we will generally keep a cash position somewhere between 10-20%.

We take a fusion approach when searching for the Portfolio‘s holdings.  This means we use a combination of technicals, fundamentals, and sentiment measures to find positions that look attractive across all three methodologies.  In order to give the Portfolio the best chance to succeed, we stick to this philosophy and do not let emotions get involved.

We publish an update of the Bespoke Model Portfolio‘s holdings at the back of our weekly Bespoke Report newsletter every Friday.  When there is a position change, we alert subscribers via email and/or text.  Access to the Bespoke Model Portfolio is included with all three of our membership levels.  You can start a two-week free trial to one of these three membership levels if you’d like access.

Performance details can be found with access as well.  Over the years, the Portfolio has had some amazingly strong years, and some years where it has underperformed.  This year it is up but underperforming the S&P 500 given excess cash levels early in the year.  No portfolio can beat the market all of the time!  And of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Today we added two new positions to the Bespoke Model Portfolio.

Again, if you don’t have access already and would like to see the Portfolio, simply start a two-week free trial to any of our three membership levels.

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