Bespoke Consumer Pulse

Bespoke Consumer Pulse is a new primary research service that helps clients stay one step ahead of the most widely followed economic indicators.  With Pulse, we have created a low-cost way for investors to get early reads on consumer trends across the economic spectrum.

learn howHow do we do it?  Each month, we survey thousands of US consumers on a wide range of topics using questions designed by our financial research team.  We then compile and analyze the data and package it into our monthly Consumer Pulse report, which we release one week before the monthly Nonfarm Payrolls report.  This gives members ample time to position their portfolios leading up to the deluge of economic data released at the start of each month.  The Consumer Pulse report is packed with in-depth market commentary and thought-provoking analytics that give you as good of a read on the broad economy as you’ll find.  Pulse also gives subscribers unique insights into the health of dozens of individual companies that fundamental or technical research can’t provide.  The Pulse report is easy to read and easy to understand — something that many research products are severely lacking these days.

big iconConsumer survey data is now a key tool used by large institutional investors, and our Pulse service provides members with access to this “smart money” research at a fraction of the price that it costs to collect.  That is the value proposition of our Pulse service — gaining an informational edge that would be otherwise prohibitively expensive to include in your investment process.

Our Consumer Pulse service is designed to give you a live look at the US economy: how people are spending money, what they’re worried about, and where to be optimistic.  Using a statistically representative sample of the US population, Bespoke Consumer Pulse surveys consumers on everything from employment, income, inflation, housing, discretionary spending, autos, smart technology, retail traffic, health care, investors sentiment and a range of other areas.  Our survey is designed to provide a snapshot that will let you take the Pulse of the average American, giving insight into market moving data events and larger trends before the rest of the market.  The Bespoke Consumer Pulse service is a timely, insightful guide to trends in the US economy.

membershiplevelsOn top of the monthly Consumer Pulse report, the membership also includes ad hoc posts and updates on key economic indicators, business and consumer sentiment trends, and anything else we’re seeing out there that can impact markets and the economy.

To learn more about the service, how to use it, topics covered and which membership level is right for you, please visit our Bespoke Consumer Pulse website.

Want to try out Consumer Pulse but aren’t ready to commit?  Sign up now for a free trial.  You’ll have five days to use the service free of charge, and if you decide that it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time.  Enter “bespokepulse” in the coupon code section of the Subscribe page to receive a 10% discount on your new membership.  Click here to begin your trial now!