In the News

Below are links to a number of recent financial news articles featuring charts and commentary from Bespoke.

Bespoke’s George Pearkes on Bloomberg TV — 8/26/15

U.S. Household Formations on the Rise: Hipster Economics – Bespoke Analyst George Pearkes on Bloomberg News 7/30/15

U.S. Markets Are an Oasis for Buy-and-Hold Investors – Jeff Sommer, New York Times 7/25/15

S&P 500 Keeps Getting Stuff at the Goal Line of a New Record High – Callie Bost, Bloomberg 7/23/15

Gold Loses Luster, Falls to Five-Year Low – Adam Shell, USA Today 7/20/15

Why Pessimistic Analysts Should Make Traders Optimistic, Stephanie Young, CNBC 7/16/15

Does China’s Market Impact U.S. Investors? – Liz Ann Sonders, Barron’s 7/14/15

China Stock Rout Has Earmarks of Past Crashes – Adam Shell, USA Today 7/7/15

Bespoke feature interview with Lawrence Strauss in Barron’s — 7/4/15

Independence Day? – Liz Ann Sonders, Schwab 6/29/15

The One Thing That Could Help You Ride Out Any Stock Market Correction – Barbara Kollmeyer, MarketWatch 6/3/15

The Story Behind the Big Stock Plunge in Shanhai – Adam Shell, USA Today 5/28/15

Avoid an Overvalued Market?  Don’t Bother – Bespoke Co-Founder Paul Hickey on CNBC 5/28/15

Does it Play to Trade After Memorial Day? – Ben Levisohn, Barron’s 5/22/15

Despite New Highs, Stock Bulls Remain Worry – Adam Shell, USA Today 5/18/15

Is Housing Staging a Turn for the Better? – Liz Ann Sonders, Barron’s 4/21/15 Alpha Think Tank interview with Bespoke co-founder Paul Hickey

Expect Choppy Ride for Stocks to Continue – Liz Ann Sonders, Barron’s 3/31/15

Seasonals Suggest Stocks Could Gain in April – Kristen Scholer, WSJ 3/31/15

Out Like a Lion – David Peltier, 3/30/15

Mini Corrections Emerge as New Wall Street M.O. – Adam Shell, USA Today 3/27/15

These Surging IPOs Deserve Some Love – Leanne Miller, CNBC 3/22/15

For Stocks, 2015 is Shaping Up a Lot Like 1931 – Erik Holm, WSJ 3/20/15

China, India Gearing Up for Next Leg Higher – Barron’s 3/15/15

Stocks to buy amid dollar rally – CNBC’s Fast Money (video interview), 3/10/15

These stocks have gained 1,000% during bull run – Jeff Cox, CNBC 3/10/15 Surging greenback resembles .com stock – Adam Shell, USA Today 3/10/15

Women in Leadership: An Investment Strategy That’s Been Working – Clare O’Hara, Globe and Mail 3/10/15

This has been the worst quarter ever for earnings guidance – Myles Udland, Business Insider 2/2/15

In the CEO battle of the sexes, women are winning – Jeff Cox, CNBC 2/11/15

Daily Agenda: Investors Eye U.S. Retail Sales – Andrew Barber, Institutional Investor 2/12/15

Middle class comeback? Not without higher wages – Joe Belfiglio, Yahoo! Finance 2/13/15

General Motors doesn’t need a hedge fund stooge on the board – Andrew Dewson, The Independent 2/14/15

Investors Get Taste of Interest-Rate Impact as Yield Stocks Fall – Oliver Renick, Bloomberg, 2/17/15

4 companies ‘winning’ earnings season – Matt Krantz, USAToday 2/20/15

Morning MoneyBeat: Investors Want to Know How Patient the Fed Will Be – Kristen Scholer, 2/24/15

Plenty of Noise, but Not Much Guidance From Fed or Company Reports – Jeff Sommer, New York Times 2/28/15

First Take: Back to the future – Nasdaq 5000 crica 2015 – Adam Shell, USAToday 3/2/15