Along with our Model Stock and ETF Portfolios, the reports below make up the backbone of what Bespoke Premium has to offer.  Click on the thumbnails to view PDFs of each report.

Week in Review

Bespoke's Week in Review newsletter is our widely read and world renowned weekly publication that covers all of the major market news that occured throughout the week as well as all of the things that could move markets in the weeks ahead. No topics get overlooked in this in-depth multi-page report that features all of the unique charts and graphs that Bespoke readers have come to love. Written by Bespoke's co-founders Paul Hickey and Justin Walters, you'll gain insights from the minds of two of Wall Street's most respected and informed participants. The newsletter is released each Friday after the close and is available to Bespoke Basic, Bespoke Premium and Bespoke Premium Plus members.

Morning Lineup

The Bespoke Morning Lineup is your premarket source for up to date information concerning market events overnight and in the morning. On a daily basis, we summarize major international market events, stock specific news of note, analyst actions, and economic indicators/events. In addition, we will also outline what major indicators, events, earnings reports, conferences, dividends, splits, and upcoming index changes are due the following day so that you can plan ahead and be ready. Sign up and receive this report in your Inbox each morning.

B.I.G. Tips

B.I.G. Tips are released throughout the trading week and cover a range of topics to help investors easily grasp current market trends. Using our unique presentation methods and powerful charting tools, these reports are to the point and easy to understand - a trait that is often hard to find on Wall Street.

Trade of the Day

Bespoke's Trade of the Day report presents a stock or ETF trade idea based on the numerous analytical tools that Bespoke uses to research equities. Each report summarizes the reason we like the trade and includes a target and stop price. The Trade of the Day and Week in Review newsletter are the only two reports included with all levels of service.


The BESPOKE 50 is a list of our top growth stock picks in the Russell 3,000. To make the list, a stock must have strong earnings growth prospects along with an attractive price chart based on Bespoke's proprietary fundamental and technical analysis. The list is sorted alphabetically, and each stock is equally weighted when analyzing performance. The BESPOKE 50 is updated weekly. Price charts for all 50 stocks are included in each report, which is available to Bespoke Premium and Premium Plus members.

Earnings Triple Plays

Our daily Earnings Triple Plays report highlights all of the stocks that have reported triple plays over the last 40 days. An earnings triple is a term coined by Bespoke for a stock that beats earnings estimates, beats revenue estimates, and raises guidance on its most recent earnings report. Triple plays are considered the cream of the crop during earnings season, and we continuously track them for long opportunities. This report allows Premium members to track triple plays on a daily basis. Price charts of the new triple plays each day are included in the report as well.

Top Stocks Under $10

Our Top Stocks Under $10 report provides Bespoke Premium subscribers with a list of low-priced companies that we currently find attractive. All of the stocks in this report are trading under $10 at the time of the report's release, and they have passed our rigorous proprietary fundamental and technical analysis tests.

ETF Trend Reports

Our daily ETF Trend reports provide both traders and long-term investors alike with a unique tool to quickly identify which areas of the market are attractive and which ones to stay away from. A different set of ETFs is published each day of the week to cover indices, sectors, groups, styles, commodities, currencies, fixed income, and international markets. Using a proprietary trend and timing score, we code each ETF based on its current trading pattern. Long-term investors can use this tool to determine when to enter or exit a position, and active traders can use it to identify potential trade setups. The report is also an easy way to stay on top of the multitude of ETFs offered today.

Bespoke Sector Snapshot

Our weekly Sector Snapshot report provides detailed charts of important indicators that we follow for the ten major sectors of the S&P 500. These indicators factor into our view on the sector as well as the overall market and include A/D lines, trading areas, percentage of stocks above their 50-day moving averages and price to earnings ratios. The charts are updated and published twice a week and provide subscribers with a detailed overview of the current market environment.

Bespoke Economic Indicators Report

The monthly Bespoke Economic Indicators report details the trends of the US economy in a concise and easy to understand manner. With an average of more than 2 economic reports released daily, it is difficult for investors to interpret and digest all of the data without causing information overload. In order to help manage and track the data, we summarize the underlying trends of each report and group them according to the sector of the economy they impact. We also provide historical charts of each of the indicators for those looking to dig deeper into the data. Please click on the image to the left to view a sample of our monthly report.

Bespoke Earnings Estimate Revisions Report

The weekly Bespoke Earnings Estimate Revisions report provides a unique look at the ups and downs of expected earnings for sectors and stocks. Future earnings are a key driver of stock prices, and many investors constantly search for stocks or sectors that are seeing increases in their earnings estimates. This report provides a detailed list of stocks that have seen their earnings estimates raised or lowered over the past month. We also combine the estimate changes for stocks to summarize which sectors are looking better or worse. Finding stocks with strong earnings outlooks is very important for professional investors. This report provides that information in a clear, concise manner.

Bespoke Stock Odds

Our daily Bespoke Stock Odds report helps traders quickly identify leaders and laggards in the markets. The product is unique, however, because it not only shows which stocks have recently had the biggest moves, but also how they typically react following similar moves. Anyone can produce a list of the day's best and worst performers, but we have gone the extra step to focus on what it means going forward.

Short Interest Report

Our bi-monthly Short Interest Report provides a detailed analysis of short interest figures for the entire market, sectors, groups, and individual stocks. The report is released twice per month and also highlights key directional changes in short interest figures and how these changes might impact the market.

Bespoke Market Model

Our daily Bespoke Market Model is a compilation of some widely (and not so widely) followed market indicators that formulates a prediction for the short term direction of the market. While most investors have one or two indicators they rely on, we all recognize that no indicator by itself is correct all of the time. With this in mind, we set out to create a series of indicators from multiple disciplines in order to see what the 'crowd' of indicators are telling us. Just as no individual is bigger than the market, we contend that no single indicator is more accurate at forecasting the market than the sum of them all.

Bespoke Stock Scores

The weekly Bespoke Stock Scores report is a complete proprietary ranking of a stock's attractiveness made up of three categories - Fundamental, Technical, and Sentiment. By entering the stock's ticker symbol in our interactive spreadsheet, investors can instantly see Bespoke's rankings as well as key traits for each stock in the S&P 1500. We also provide links to the top forty ranked stocks as well as sorts of the S&P 1500 by sector.

Bespoke Insider Buying Report

The monthly Bespoke Insider Buying report provides a summary of stock activity by insiders over the past month. Each report highlights net insider buying for every US sector and group, as well the stocks that have had the most insider activity over the last 30 days. This report helps investors quickly identify the sectors or stocks where insiders are making heavy purchases or sales. It also details the performance of stocks that have seen large pickups in insider activity to show who is making money and who is not.

In-Depth Market Studies

Bespoke's in-depth Market Studies are multi-page reports that focus on significant topics of interest in the financial world. These studies typically dissect current market themes to provide our readers with a much clearer view of the topic at hand. Market Studies are published on an ad-hoc basis throughout the month.

Bespoke Interactive Equity Databases and Investment Tools

Bespoke Investment Group offers a number of next-generation databases that take equity analysis to another level. The dynamics that make up these unique tools are unlike anything currently seen on Wall Street. These databases are offered to Premium Plus members or Bespoke Institutional members. A description of each database and a sample pdf is provided below. If you would like to learn more about these products or receive one of our interactive samples, please email or call 914-315-1248. To purchase all three databases along with a yearly Bespoke Premium membership, please click here.

Earnings Report Database

The Bespoke Earnings Report Database provides detailed analysis for over 2,700 stocks. We take earnings analysis to the next level by not only highlighting how the actual reports compare to analyst estimates, but also how the stock price reacted to the report. Users of this database can easily find how a stock or basket of stocks typically reacts to earnings in order to prepare themselves for future quarterly releases. Traders can also see how stocks trade after gapping up or down on earnings to develop trade ideas. If IBM opens down $2 on earnings, what does the stock typically do next? This database can answer that question and much more for the majority of US stocks that trade today!

Economic Indicator Database

Do you ever wonder how the markets or certain sectors are going to react to one of the many economic indicators released throughout the trading week? The Bespoke Economic Indicator Database provides detailed reports for 35 economic indicators to help investors prepare for the market's reaction to a stronger, weaker, or in-line report. The database is searchable by economic indicator and by trading date and provides each indicator's historical actual reports versus estimates and how it affected equity markets.

International Revenues Database

The Bespoke International Revenues Database provides the percentage of revenues that each company in the S&P 500 and Russell 1,000 receives outside of the US. A Bespoke index of S&P 500 companies that generate more than half of their revenues outside of the US has handily outperformed the S&P 500 over the past three years. More and more investors are looking for US companies with this international exposure, but the data is difficult to find. This database provides investors with all the information needed to quickly identify the stocks with the highest or lowest international revenue exposure.

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