BIG News

Citadel to open macro fund

ETF Deathwatch adds a few more
No wonder nat gas prices are down
Post Olympic Bounce in China?
Financials Exposure to Commodities
Have Commodities Bottomed?
Santa Barbara to Favor Offshore Drilling
The Glow Wears off on Ethanol
High-yield credit spreads confirm market fears
Leading Indicators Fall More Than Expected
Lehman default risk rising fast
Morgan Stanley and Goldman change their lending practice
The Ron Insana story and the struggle for hedge funds
Gasoline Hits a 14 Week Low
IT Spending to Increase for Next Three Years
Investment Advisers Remain Positive
China Hints at Halt to Yuan Appreciation.
Surprising Spike in PC Shipments.
Are airlines a good buy?
Focused Funds Can Offer Wild Rides or Safe Bets
Dell attempting to tackle iTunes
The unique plight of Financials and who is buying them?
Momentum traders jump aboard Biotech
Google may not be the best option to buy your tech company

Is Apple really worth more than Google?
Apollo Global Mgmt. going public to raise $520 Mln

Is Meredith Whitney's 15 seconds over? One analyst thinks so.
Jumbo Mortgage rates set to fall
Hudson City Reigns Supreme
Ackman Wins on the Long Side Too
In his own opinion, Icahn is good for companies
Steve Case should be hailed for the AOL-Time Warner merger (if you owned AOL)
Best Buy to sell iPhone
Goldman doubling down
Sellers dump oppressive eBay
Worst quarter for dividend investors in 18 years
China's Bursting Bubble
Dell launches new laptops to counter Apple
Las Vegas and Casino stocks struggling mightily
Investors Fear Another Bank Failure.
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Goodbye, Bear Market?

Libor signals credit problems to get worse

Home buyers hold fate of US economy

How Obama Reconciles Dueling Views on Economy" - Huge article set for Sunday Times Magazine

Next Up in the Credit Crisis: Commercial Loans

Corporate Spreads Reach Multi-Decade High...
...While Freddie Hunts For Cash

Lehman Running Out of Options...
...Talent Exodus?

Goldman says half the world economy faces recession

Pritzker's getting credit for Obama nomination

Economist poll expects Europe, Japan to be worst

Welcome, Freshmen. Have an iPod

US No Longer Japan's Largest Customer

Mortgage applications fall to lowest level since December 2000

China considering a $58 bln stimulus plan.

Opening Ceremony faces more criticism. "Only North Korea could have done better."

PAMM hedge fund forced to pay $300 million fine

Swap spreads highlights that worries abound

Insiders Remain Bullish

Libor hits highest level in two months.

Debt Pressure Builds on US Banks
Nannies Feel the Pinch From Wall Street Woes
Buffett leaves BUD money on the table
America's debt problem the focus of a new documentary
US housing supply and demand beginning to even out?
The Option ARM crisis is coming
Top fund managers see assets balloon
Go overseas for higher yields?
Don't count on Financials to lead the next bull market
T. Boone pens his autobiography, "The First Billion is the Hardest"
Wall Street Worries About Russia
Wine pricing is harder to understand than oil
Goldman refusing to buy back peeved clients' auction rate paper
Highly leveraged acquisitions yield meager results
US stocks finally start to outperform Europe
Greenspan: Housing Hitting Bottom in 2009
Fund Managers See a Global Recession in the Next Year
Strength of exports makes for misleading growth numbers
Securitization market stalled, making credit harder and more expensive to obtain
Anti-Obama book reaches #1
Grab your passport; many on Wall St. sent abroad

Banks' writedowns top $500 Bln
1/3 of New Owners Owe More Than House Is Worth
It's All Good For Stocks When Oil Falls.
Gas prices and traffic deaths: An inverse correlation?
Another storm forms: Gustav
Verizon Mobile to Use Google Search
Cold and snowy winter expected
Singapore Considering Bigger Stake in Merrill
Will Lehman or Won't Lehman Sell Neuberger
The Pros and Cons of Wind Farms

Heading Towards the Exit at Starbucks.
Hershey Raises Prices 11%, Cuts Outlook.
Soros buys $811 million stake in Petrobras; largest position
Republican oil man Pickens meets with Obama on energy
It is finally safe to say that oil has peaked
Chrysler taking radical new road
Drivers spend more on fuel than cars!
Every Car Will Be Hybrid by 2020
T. Boone Pickens' hedge fund hurting; maybe he should stop his Congress lectures

Commodity ETFs are hot, but there's more here than meets the eye
Leveraged loan market dominated by PE firms
Miles driven continues to fall
China considering 40% tax on SUVs
Eurozone Economy Declines For First Time Since Intro of Euro
March's extreme cotton market spike fuels investigation
The smartest quant you've never heard of
Is the SUV crisis worse than housing?
Farmers shrink their cattle
America needs a 'good' depression
Greenback's new strength attributed to overseas weakness
Wall St. firms off-shoring even more
IEA Cuts Oil Demand Forecasts.
Americans adjust to life with $115+ oil
So Much For the Droughts Hurting the Corn Crops.

PE firms snatching up plenty of distressed debt
Are international surpluses legit?
OPEC income hits record high

How to profit from tumbling commodities